Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Stine Goya
Spring/Summer 2010

Stine Goya combines beauty and drama in edgy collections for the daring individual. collections that don't adhere to current trends but seek authenticity and renewal, grounded in a continual identity with a distinct visual expression. 
this is an expression that appeals to the independent female, whose personal style is an articulation of self. a person who revels in beauty and intense surroundings, she self-assuredly combines clothing to express herself and her character. stine goya's universe extends a modern framework for this individuality.
the single artefacts can, by power of their stylistic prowess, be withdrawn from the unity of the collection, and combined with the woman's wardrobe in a subjective interpretation.  the clothing is sophisticated yet understated.
each collection is founded in a depth of meaning - a visual portrayal of an emotion or tone, inspired by a wide spectrum of contemporary and classical sources that capture the essence and central design values of stine goya. 
innovating and redefining both form and colour but always with an aim for wearability. sophisticated constructions are dominated by structural silhouettes, which refer to the classical, touch upon the avant-garde but always seek to enhance the feminine.
the clean-cut lines found in form are accentuated in a bold use of colour. strong colours are juxtaposed to more subtle nuances in a manner, which inclines toward the artistic. the striking prints are a central characteristic of stine goya. they will often refer to dominant sources of inspiration in addition to capturing the dominant tone of a collection. they are a manifestation of the essence of stine goya:
beauty. drama. colour.  

stine goya graduated from central st. martins, specializing in fashion design with print, in 2005
the first collection, confetti, was presented at the copenhagen and paris fashion week in february 2007.
she now presents in copenhagen, paris, berlin and london and is carrie in prominent stores around the world.

Source: Stine Goya


  1. These are gorgeous! : )

  2. lucia! this designer is so awesome...she had me with that baby blue long sleeve cascade dress :o