Monday, June 21, 2010

Obsession du Jour

The world’s first supermodel, Twiggy became internationally known, modelling extensively in France, Japan and America, in 1967. Her elfin haircut, huge eyes, false eyelashes, sculpted jaw line and endless legs adorned almost every magazine cover, including Vogue and Tatler.

Always dressed in the latest fashion, she willingly attended all of London’s trendy parties and public events. Despite being somewhat flighty and giggly, her cockney accent and disarming sense of humour merely made her more appealing to the public. Her boyish, skinny features made her instantly different from other models of her time and were perfectly fitted to the 1960s rising hemlines and bold shapes of mod fashion.

Through the 1970s, Twiggy proved herself a successful actress in television, film and on stage.
In 1977, Twiggy married American actor and former baseball player, Michael Witney.
Through the 1980s, Twiggy continued to act in film and television in both the US and the UK.
In the 1990s, Twiggy turned her talents to becoming a television interviewer and presenter, with her own ITV series, ‘Twiggy’s People’. She interviewed celebrities, such as Tim Curry, Lauren Bacall, Dustin Hoffman, Eric Idle, Joan Rivers and Tom Jones on the show.

Returning to modelling in 2005, Twiggy joined reality television show ‘America’s Next Top Model’ as one of the judges, led by Tyra Banks, in Cycles Five, Six and Seven.

This timeless beauty – doe-eyed supermodel, pleasing actress, talented singer and author – is also a humanitarian. She is a supporter of breast cancer research groups, animal welfare and is a fervent anti fur campaigner. One of most famous models of her time, Twiggy is a living legend. Graceful and elegant, she continues to explore her talents with resounding success.

Twiggy: A life in Photographs
Author: Terence Pepper
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Source: The Biography Channel UK


  1. I absolutely adore Twiggy. I've read Twiggy: in black and white at least ten times! I just find her life so intriguing and I loved her on America's Next Top Model. She's such a unique beauty and a true icon. Thanks for posting this!! xx

  2. I love this! great post!


  3. she is so awesome! I also love edie sedgwick!!!!!