Monday, April 5, 2010

Interview with Gabriela Lanardonne from MYMU

About MYMU
MYMU was born out of a longtime passion for the classic Argentine alpargatas, a casual espadrille shoe. As a child, creator Gabriela Lanardonne spent vacations in her father's native Buenos Aires, where she became enamored of the alpargatas worn by the stylish local girls who epitomized innate cool. She would return to her Manhattan home each time and wear her leather pairs to death, though she could never quite recreate the Argentine girls' look. Tired of the current dominance of ballet slippers as the seemingly only flat-shoed option, Lanardonne headed to Argentina hoping to bring the alpargata to a larger audience as a chic alternative. After fully exploring the alpargata’s humble makings, she realized that while attractive, they lacked the quality she sought. So Lanardonne updated the lines, making them slimmer and sleeker, and found higher end jute and fabrics in Spain.
Her final designs for MYMU are at once casually whimsical and elegant. Offered for both men and women in a variety of styles from the boat shoe-esque Lawrence with leather ties to an ever-changing array of printed creations recalling Lanardonne's world adventures, the MYMU shoe lends a touch of understated sophistication to any occasion when a flat is ideal.

Drawing inspiration from her travels and friends, Lanardonne offers a kaleidoscope of patterns, colors and fabrics like canvas, silk, nylon and leather to create an accessory to suit any outfit. The bright fuchsia and black soled-Poppy version adds an instant pop to a simple jeans and t-shirt ensemble, while a soft, acqua pair of Marisa’s is the perfect counterpoint to a breezy, feminine dress.

Always elegant, luxuriously comfortable: the MYMU shoe is for anyone with a spirit of discovery and a discerning eye.

1. When did you launch MYMU?
Spring/Summer 2010

2. Who's your ideal client?
Any girl who is adventurous with her style whilst maintaining elegance.

3. How do you get inspiration for your label?
My travels and my friends.

4. Which shoe designer do you admire the most?
Edgardo Osorio

5. A city:

6. What's next for MYMU?
A summer sale in NYC in May!

The Marisa

The Poppy

The Ionian Collection

The Drew

The Lawrence 

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