Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Obsession du Jour: Alexander Wang

Ponte Dress with Sweatshirt Tie Overlay $650

Sweatshirt Top with Crossover Back $350

Cutout Harness Dress $620

Silk Shorts with Apron Skirt Overlay $495
Tropical Wool Jacket with Silk Back $595

Oxford Pique Asymmetrical Top $325

Striped Mock Neck Tunic $550

Ponte Dress with Crisscross Back $580

Chiffon Lingerie Sweatshirt $425
Leather shorts $725

Asymmetrical Cardigan $425

So yes, this is my current obsession: Alexander Wang, the 'Ponte Dress with Sweatshirt Tie Overlay' is one of my favorite pieces from this collection, absolutely amazing! You can  shop these runway looks at



  1. His draping. His new use of casual fabric. His dull color scheme. He is such a genius.

  2. most of these are on my favs on shopbop