Monday, March 15, 2010

Interview with Francesca Robiou from FR Fashion Group

I've had the amazing opportunity of interviewing Francesca Robiou (Sales Rep.,Stylist and Fashion Consultant) from FR fashion group. Meet this fabulous fashionista!

Francesca Robiou

1.Describe yourself:
Persistent, Passionate, stubborn, eclectic

2.Who's FR fashion group?
Today FR Fashion Group is devoted to representing up and coming designers from around the world. Cool, fresh, fashion that set retailers and consumers apart from the rest. Creating bridge between stores and designers!

3.When did you launch FR fashion group?
December 2009

4.Who's your ideal client?
I don't have one

5.Who are your current clients?

Soffia Soffia

Oriett Domenech

John David Collection

6.Which designer do you admire the most?
Coco Chanel

7.Biggest achievement:
Starting from 0 and getting to the point that we are today. It has been hard and worth it!

8.A city:

9.A book:
"The house of the Spirits" by Isabel Allende and "A wonderful life" by Slim Aarons

10.A quote:
“Fashion fades, style is eternal”  -Yves Saint Laurent

11.What's next for FR fashion group?
Opening up a showroom and conquering the Fashion world ;) (I CAME, I SAW ,I CONQUERED)

12.Anything else you want to share with us?
Yes, my favorite things:
My ADORABLE maltipoo Mumi!
Christian Louboutin
Big Sunglasses
My Family  

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