Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Interview with Patrizia from "Fit in Clouds"

1. Who's Fit in Clouds?
Fit in Clouds is a Boston based company that sells portable ballet flats that fold and fit into a small pouch. After a long day of work or towards the end of an evening of partying when feet start hurting from wearing heels and the only thought in mind is “I cannot wait to get out of my stilettos!” women can now take out their “Clouds” and find instant relief with this comfortable, practical and fashionable solution. 

2. When did you launch Fit in Clouds?
Fit in Clouds was launched in May 2009 in Boston by two Babson MBA students. 

3. Who's your ideal client?
Our ideal client are fashion forward women, who follow new trends, and always look out for innovative products. Women who love heels, yet don’t enjoy the pain that comes with long hours of use and look for convenient solutions to their problem.   

4. Describe your product:
Fit in Clouds are foldable ballet flats, so compact that women can slide them into the smallest of purses and carry them wherever they go. When the pain from wearing heels becomes unbearable ladies can take their Clouds out of the tiny pouch, unfold them and slip into comfort! 

5. Biggest achievement:
Within the first three months Fit in Clouds was featured in Boston Globe, Boston Herald, Daily Candy, Boston Metro and Toronto Globe and Mail, later on came plenty more features among which Marthas Stewart Blog and Seventeen Magazine. We started off with just a simple black color, and now the company has expanded to provide several different colors and sizes. “Clouds” are currently available for sale on the company’s website and at about 15 domestic boutiques and 4 international ones.  

6. Which designer do you admire the most?
Ruthie Davis 

7. A city:

8. A book:
The Drunkward’s Walk by Leonard Mlodinow 

9. A quote:
"Rather die enormous than live dormant." -Jay-Z 

10. What's next for Fit in Clouds?
Major domestic and international penetration.

Tired of wearing heels all day? These shoes are definitely made for walking, dancing or standing... I got my first pair as a gift from my friend Anabelle at her wedding, she got us (the bridesmaids) the cutest Fit in Clouds flats in white. I absolutely adore these beauties!! A MUST in every woman's closet or purse- (Yesss, they fit in your purse!!!)

Twitter: @FitinClouds

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