Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My day in Dallas...

So, this was my day:

5:00 AM (Eastern Time) : Starting my day with the most annoying alarm tone ever!
5:45 AM: @ taxi, on our way to Miami Int'l Airport 
6:05 AM: Checking in MIA-DFW
6:30 AM: Reading Harper's Bazaar UK while drinking a cappuccino @ the AdmiralsClub
7:25 AM: Boarding starts
7:50 AM: On my way to DALLAS!!! 
10:00 AM (Central Time) : Just landed in DFW..(Pretty good flight)
11:15 AM: Got to the hotel, unpacked and washed my face..
11:35 AM: Tall-non-fat-cappuccino please! Extra hot...
11:40 AM: On my way to FIG (fashion industry gallery) to set up de-fuse's booth 
11:50 AM: Oh Ohhhh we are lost!!! 
12:05 PM: After walking a zillion blocks finally found the place!

12:10 PM: Unpacking the boxes
12:15 PM: Setting up, setting up, setting up and more setting up!

12:25 PM: Steaming clothes
12:50 PM: FINALLY finished steaming the pieces! 
1:05 PM: The booth looks F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S 

1:10 PM: Went to the hotel again, checked e-mails, checked twitter and facebook and blog stats...
2:30 PM: Trying to find a decent place to eat in Dallas, for my surprise everything was closed! 
3:30 PM: After burning around 500 calories from walking Downtown Dallas back and forth looking for a restaurant, finally found a place to eat at Neimans (Soup&Salad and a Macchiato) 
4:00 PM: CVS buying goodies (I have to admit I love pharmacies) 
4:15 PM: A random guy on the street told me to pass by the Urban Market 
4:20 PM: Got to the Urban Market and bought some fruits and carrots for snacking! yum yum
4:40 PM: Got to the hotel again!! 
4:40-7:40 PM: E-mails, calls, tv, twitter, google-ing etc...
7:41 PM: BLOGGING FINALLY!!!! Sorry my dears, here are some pictures of the booth that I wanted to share with you! Came out really nice, don't you think?

I will post more soon ;)

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