Thursday, May 27, 2010

Emerging Designer

Roxanna Zamani
Studied at Otago Polytechnic, Dunedin 
Her collection – Incongruous

The Roxanna Zamani Couture collection Incongruous captures the beauty of opposites reconciled. Ornate garments belie a minimalist base of simple shapes and plain geometric lines as the architectural masculine structure is embedded in a feminine and romantic form. Straight, often symmetrical lines lose their severity as the lines are repeated and draped, creating an illusion of soft curves. The repetition of these geometric forms confers on the garments a delicate and romantic femininity, as well as strength in an almost sculptural quality. 
The label is inspired by the pairing of opposites – especially new and old, and strength and beauty – in architecture, furniture and nature. Antique china teacups, for example, illustrated the tension and resolution between the hardness of the china and the delicacy of their shape and decoration, which began as a starting point for shapes. The towering walls of curved metal set in spaces galleries or beside older, ‘conventional’-style buildings by Frank Gehry and sculptures by Richard Sera were particularly influential regarding the merging of two things, different and the like.

Photographer: Inge Flint
Designer: Roxanna Zamani

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