Saturday, May 29, 2010

Fashion: Facts -Fashion Photography-

What exactly is fashion photography? What is it's purpose? What do we want you to see and feel when we do the style and the set of some fashion shoot?

Defining this type of photography is like trying to define wonderland; it's like taking a trip down passion lane... For us, the ones shooting the set and the clothes and the models is like escaping to surreal self indulgence planet; where everything makes sense (even if it doesn't)...

Fashion's been the voice of revolution through out our entire history and the manifestation of change in many many ways (socially, politically and economically... gender-wise also). When we shoot fashion we're also creating and expanding fashion's territory, experimenting with it. To photograph fashion is to document it, to keep it alive and to contribute constantly with its cause.

Fashion photography consists on creating scenes, sceneries, sets and characters of all types, its magic; giving life to clothes and making them even speak to you... (we will be introducing different fashion photographers so you can get to know them and their work). The feeling it's inexplicable, it's easier for us to ask the public questions, ask them "what do feel when you see a spread in a fashion magazine?" What can you tell us?
You'll be surprised to find out that your answers start building up to the list of concepts we photographers consider every time we decide to shoot fashion.

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