Friday, May 21, 2010

Interview with Fernando & Victor Photography

I had the fabulous opportunity of interviewing the talented and fabulous duo of
Fernando & Victor

Fernando Santos and Victor Nicolas have been taking photos together since 2008. They met in they native Dominican Republic in 2003 through a friend. Their common goal is to create images filled with passion and fashion, great models and great locations. Their restless drive has landed them covers and editorials in the Dominican Republic's most important magazines, as well as in fashion publications in Argentina. The duo studied and worked in Buenos Aires for two years, absorbing the city's visual and cultural gifts to craft their eventual photographic style.

  1. When did you decide to become a photographer?

F: When I was in college, I was studying Advertising but got sick of it, it was a total let-down for me, fortunately I had taken Photography 101 and 102, got interested in it and then I just dropped out of college, moved to Barcelona for a summer to start studying it and then we moved to Buenos Aires to continue studying and start working.

V: In college, taking basic photography and developing film. But it was just photography as a hobby back then, no fashion or any kind of commercial take of it. Fashion came when we studied it in Buenos Aires.

  1. Who's Fernando & Victor?
F: Fashion passionate, former English teacher and movies freak, now I'm just a fashion freak.

V: Former bass player and rocker.

  1. What does photography mean to you? 
F: It’s our way of making a statement and expressing ourselves with the help of fashion and everything involved in it.

V: It is the talent of a group of people captured in a frame.

  1. Can you recall the first photo that you took that made you go WOW?

F & V: It was this final project that we had for one of our schools back in Bs. As., we had to create a brand and shoot its campaign, the final result blew our friends, teachers and class away, I was like “Ok, NOW we’re ready!”. It was later on picked up and published by a mag there in Argentina, they made it their cover and all!

  1. How would you describe your style?
F: Modern and sophisticated.

V: I think we are going through several phases and most of the times i cannot describe our style. There are some things that are common in our photos, like how we always try the model to be in his or her best pose/look and by our intent in doing something different, at least locally.

  1. Favorite photographer:
F: Mert & Marcus, Sølve Sundsbo, Steven Klein

V: Inez and Vinoodh, Mert & Marcus

  1. A city:
F: Barcelona


  1. Zodiac sign:
F: Taurus

V: Cancer

  1. A book:
F: The Hobbit

V: A Clockwork Orange

  1. A quote:
F: ‘‘Real photographers don’t wait for the phone to ring, they go out and take pictures!’’ - Terry Richardson

V: "I'm hungry"

  1. Anything else? 
F: Kickass blog! ; )

V: hmmmmmm

  1. What's next for Fernando & Victor?
F: We’re working hard on our internationalization, so, stay tuned.

V: Going abroad!

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  1. Their work is gorgeous. What a great interview, I love learning about talented people from other parts of the world - thank you!

    (I haven't forgotten about you, I still need to take a new photo of myself and I must make a point of doing it this week!) ♥

  2. OMG these guys got some talent!!!!!!!