Thursday, May 27, 2010

Irresistible Jewelry

Anndra Neen
Anndra Neen was founded in April 2009 by sisters Phoebe and Annette Stephens. 

Anndra Neen is an expression of their shared vision for jewelry and accessories and is evocative of their personal histories and design inspirations. Born and raised in Mexico City, both Phoebe and Annette attended college in the United States. After college they both moved to New York City where Phoebe became a fashion specialist for Philips De Pury and Annette pursued a career in theatre. During a trip to Japan the sisters decided to start their own jewelry and accessories line.

Their inspirations for the Anndra Neen line are as diverse as they are and begin with their childhood in Mexico surrounded by art and artists. For their first collection, Boy Baba, the sisters have drawn on their own interpretations of antique European jewelry, Egyptian and Bedouin motifs, Japanese design elements and French Medieval armor to create a vision that gives reference to its antecedents and is at the same time relevant to the moment. Each piece is unique and hand crafted of mixed metals.

You can buy this amazing pieces at Kirna Zabete

Source: Kirna Zabete and Sundace Channel


  1. I adore them! Their jewellery is exceptional... pieces of art!
    thank you for sharing this!
    love from London!

  2. love them !! simple dress and this statement jewelry and your good to go !!!

  3. WOW! Beautiful.... don't have much words to explain how deeply I love these jewels.

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